The information below only applies to daily hammer

The short codes SMS numbers and pricing are shown here below:
Operator Short Code Cost of Message Sent to Short Code Cost of Message Received from Short Code
MTN 20202 100NGN 0
Lottomania Nigeria Limited is licensed by the Federal Government of Nigeria in accordance with the Lottery Act of 2005 to conduct and promote lotteries nationally throughout Nigeria. Legal address: No. 10 Hombori Crescent, Wuse 2, Abuja FCT, Federal Republic of Nigeria.
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Federal Republic of Nigeria
Launching date for the “Daily Hammer” will be announced online on our website
    1. All Players warrant that they have read these Terms and Conditions carefully and fully understand which are on public view at only.
    2. By sending your predictions for the day to the short-code *20202# the Players signal their complete acceptance and full understanding of these Terms and Conditions and agree:
      • To receive SMS communication from the Organizer on their mobile phones relating to the “Daily Hammer Game”.
      • To receive SMS communication/advertising offers from the Organizer or from other companies that cooperate with the Organizer.
    3. The Organizer reserves the right to cancel or amend the offer and these Terms and Conditions at any time. Any changes will be posted online at ( ).
    4. In the event of dispute regarding the Terms and Conditions found on the website   conduct, results, and all other matters relating to the Game, the decision of the Organizer shall be final and no correspondence or discussion shall be entered into.
    5. This Agreement will remain in full force and effect while the Organizer provides the offer (not taking into account temporal suspensions of the offer for operational reasons, ex. for repairs, planned maintenance or upgrades).
  • The following are eligible to participate:
  1. Any MTN subscriber from the age of 18 years and above
  2. The organizer will reserve the right to disqualify any participant if he has reasonable ground that the participant has breached any provisions of the terms & conditions set out in this document.
  3. By subscribing to the Mobile Lottery, participants guarantee that all submitted information is authentic, up-to-date and complete.
  • The following are not eligible to participate:
  1. All personnel of MTN and Lottomania Nigeria Limited.
  2. Subscribers operating their mobile phone from abroad while roaming.
  1. All the information for the Players with regards to the Game shall be published on the website (
  2. Draw results will be sent to the winners by SMS notifications and published online daily on our website ( )
  3. Each Player can opt out of the Game by simply sending “STOP IN100”, “STOP IN50” AND “STOP IN10” to 20202 for the “IN100”, “IN50”, and “IN10” plans respectively. If after the Player chooses to send a new SMS message to the Short Code, he/she will be again considered as a Player in the Game.
  4. If the Game is terminated, the Organizer will publish on the official website of the company ( ) a message about the termination of the Game.
  5. Interruption or early termination of the Game shall not release the Organizer from its obligation to give out already awarded tier winnings and execute other actions required, except for the cases when termination or interruption of the Game was called by actions or events which are not under the Organizer’s control
  6. The Organizer of the Game shall not release personal information about Players of the Game to any third persons unless they are winners of the mobile lottery service (the organizer reserve the right to publish names and photos of the winners, and this may be a part of the conditions for receiving the prizes) or required to do so by law or in order to comply with Nigerian government entities.
  7. The Organizer reserves the right not to enter into written negotiations or otherwise contact with the Players of the Game other than in accordance with the Terms and Conditions or in accordance with the requirements of the current legislation of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
    1. SMS Play
A customer will be able to play for the Daily Hammer draw by sending the keywords to 20202:
IN100, IN50, IN10 Auto-subscribe
STOP IN100, STOP IN50, STOP IN10 Unsubscribe
QP QuickPick
PLAY+Entry Numbers (separated by a comma) Manual Play
RES DRAW NUMBER Check Draw Status
CHK Ticket Number Check Ticket Status
  Auto subscription Quick Play Manual Play
How to play? The subscriber opts into the auto subscription by sending IN100, IN50 OR IN10 to 20202. the system generates 6 numbers on daily basis The customer sends QP to 20202 The customer sends PLAY + 6 preferred numbers from 1 to 80 to 20202
When am I billed? The subscriber is billed when he confirms his subscription via the double opt-in (DOI) prompt The subscriber is billed when he confirms his subscription via the double opt-in (DOI) prompt The subscriber is billed when he confirms his subscription via the double opt-in (DOI) prompt
Pricing N 100, N 50 OR N 10 per ticket Depending on Opt-In Plan N 100 per ticket N 100 per ticket
How many times can I play in a day System generates ticket Once daily, but subscriber can play via Quick Play or Manual Play as many times as he wants. As many times as the customer wants As many times as the customer wants
Type of service Subscription On-demand On-demand
  • USSD Play
  • A customer will be able to play for Daily Hammer draw by dialing dial *20202*1# to subscribe or *20202# to bring up the Lotto-Mania USSD menu.
    • USSD Menu Description:
    1 Subscription for NGN100 Subscriber selects this option to receive 6 system auto generated numbers daily for N100
    2 Subscription for NGN50 Subscriber selects this option to receive 6 system auto generated numbers daily for N50
    3 Subscription for NGN10 Subscriber selects this option to receive 6 system auto generated numbers daily for N10
    4 Quick Pick Customer selects this option to receive 6 randomly generated numbers on demand.
    5 Enter Lucky Numbers Customer enters 6 preferred numbers separated by a comma to participate.
    6 Check Draw/Ticket Status Customer can check numbers drawn for a specific draw or check if his/her ticket is a winning ticket.
    7 INFO General Info pertaining to the Game
    8 UNSUBSCRIBE Customer can unsubscribe from the service.
    9 Payment Customer will chose his preferred payment Method
    1. DRAW entries close at 7:30 PM daily. all tickets purchased after 6 PM will be eligible for next day draw.
    2. Winner(s) will receive an SMS notification informing them of their win and on how to claim their winning after the draw is complete.
    3. Participants are to check the website ( ) daily for results.
    1. The draws are done at 8 P.M Daily.
    2. All tickets played after 7.30 P.M. will be eligible for next day draw.
    3. Twelve numbers between 1-80 are drawn daily.
      1. Winnings are to be claimed not later than 14 days after the draw. If the notified winner refuses the prize or fails to appear to collect it within the stated period the prize remains the property of the Organizer of the Game.
      2. The organizer will pay prizes below N1,000 by crediting the mobile number with airtime.
      3. Prizes between N5,000 and N20,000 will be paid through bank transfer, mobile money or any other applicable method. Winners who choose to be paid by bank transfers or money transfer operator, will have to bear the cost (charge of the transfer fee) or tax imposed on the prizes.
      4. N 500,000/N 2,500,000/N 5,000,000 Winners MUST come to head office to redeem their prizes. The following procedure applies:
        • Payment to take place between 9a.m. and 5p.m (excluding  Saturdays and Sundays)
        • Winners claim form must be duly filled
        • The phone number used to play must presented. SMS notifications generated (the ticket) by the Organizer and the SMS winning notification must be verified before payment
        • Picture of the winner and their cheque would be taken
        • Photocopy of winners ID must be presented
      5. The winner(s) will be solely responsible for payment of any direct or indirect payment of tax resulting from the payment of the prizes, in accordance with the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
      6. Prizes are not transferable.
      7. Where we have multiple winners for each tiers, each winner will win the appropriate cash prize for that selection. For example, the cash prize of 5 numbers is NGN 20,000 (twenty thousand) naira. If 3 customers successfully choose 5 numbers in the Daily Hammer draw, they will EACH win NGN 20,000 (twenty thousand) Naira.
      8. Numbers (MSISDN) who are blacklisted, for whatever reason, by their operator will be excluded from the prizes.
      9. Prize Structure is the following:
    Correct Numbers N100 Prize N50 Prize N10 Prize
    6 winning numbers N 5,000,000 N 2,500,000 N 500,000
    5 winning numbers N 20,000 N 10,000 N5,000
    4 winning numbers N 5,000 N 2,500 N 500
    3 winning numbers N 200 N 100 N 20
    1. Applicable Law. The present Agreement is governed by the Laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
    2. Settlement of Disputes. Any controversy, litigation, claim or dispute arising between the Players and Organizers, in connection with the interpretation or execution of the terms and conditions, will be settled in an amicable way, by negotiation between the two parties, and, in case of impossibility or failure for reaching an amicable settlement, the dispute will be appropriately settled in the competent Court of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
    The Organizer:
    • Shall not in any way be responsible for (including and without limitation) any errors, omissions, interruptions, defects, delays in operation or transmission, service disruptions, communications line failure when it is not under its direct control and execution.
    • Reserves the right to suspend the Game temporarily for operational purposes including necessary maintenance, repairs and upgrades. On such events, the Organizer shall restore the Game as soon as reasonably possible after any temporary suspension period.
    • Shall send the low tier winnings (N20,000 and below) to the winner via its partner bank or such other means as is most suitable whilst the high tier winners (N500,000 / N2,500,000 / N5,000,000) will be required to come to Lottomania’s office for their cheque presentation.
    • Advises Players to exercise some caution and play reponsibly whilst participating in the Game.