The information below only applies to daily hammer

“Daily HAMMER” is a daily lottery game available to all MTN users via “SMS” and “USSD”
To participate, you must be: 1. Of legal age (18+) to participate in lotteries according to the applicable legislation of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. 2. An MTN subscriber.
All Lottomania & MTN Nigeria Employees and their family members.
You need to DIAL *20202# or send “IN” to 20202 by SMS. This allows you to subscribe & receive an SMS with six (6) lucky numbers randomly selected and they will be valid for same day draw.

You can buy additional tickets by sending “play” followed by your six chosen numbers separated by a comma or send “QP” to 20202 or dial *20202#. The more you send messages to 20202 the more chances you have. Cost is NGN 100 / SMS.

After successfully submitting your numbers, you would receive an SMS. This SMS (or ticket) would contain your played numbers, ticket ID and draw ID. Please do NOT delete this SMS as you would need this SMS to claim your prize.

Daily at 8 PM. Playing for same day draw will stop at 7.50 PM Daily

Yes, you can but all tickets the played after 6 PM  would be valid for the next day’s draw

No. You can play as many times as you want, this increases your chances of winning.

Lottomania would draw 12 numbers every-day. You would win if you can match 3 to 6 numbers of the 12 drawn numbers. You can win as much as N 5,000,000.

After each draw, winners will receive a notification by SMS.  Do Not DELETE this SMS as you would need it to claim your winnings.

To check your ticket, send CHK T followed by your ticket number (e.g. CHK T 123456) to 20202 free of charge or visit our website to check the winning numbers.

All results of previous draws are found on our website . You can also send “CHK D” followed by draw number (e.g. CHK D 1234) to 20202. Checking of results is FREE.

To stop your subscription, send “STOP IN” to 20202 or dial *20202#. Opting out is FREE

All tickets/entries cost NGN 100 each.

SMS sent by lottomania are free of charge to customers.

Dial *2018# and follow steps.


Note that the SMS reception time may vary. Please make sure that your phone has enough memory to receive SMS messages.

-If yes, please call the customer care line if no response is received after 15mins.

-If not, please try again.

You can report any complaint or concern by contacting costumer service at +234 813 704 0527. Costumer service representatives are available from 9:00 a.m. till 5PM daily or you can email us at


SMS TO "20202"








Play tickets (using Manual Play)

PLAY followed by your 6 Numbers separated by "," 


Play tickets using Quick Play (QP)



Change entry numbers

R "TicketID" 6 numbers. e.g. "R 1234567 20,4,15,60,80,45"


Check Ticket Status

CHK T "ticketID"            e.g. "CHK T 1234567"


Check Draw Status

CHK D "drawID"             e.g. "CHK D 123"


Update bank details



Daily Hammer

• A Random Number Generator (RNG) is used to generate the winning numbers for all DAILY HAMMER draws which simulates a draw ball machine.

• The software has been tested and certified by an independent laboratory to ensure it will generate unbiased and unpredictable numbers.